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for full service business development in las vegas

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the key to business development

is the motivation to adapt, to endure and to eventually flourish.



When it comes to business development in the Las Vegas market, we have only two goals for our clients:
  1. Bring in a steady supply of new clients or customers
  2. Increase revenue from your existing base of clients

We design, build and implement cost-effective and innovative business development plans and execute strategies to reach these goals.

And the best part is that we do all the work

and our services are fully guaranteed.

Working with Corporate Rain Makers is a cost effective solution for small to medium-sized business development that allows you to implement change quickly.  We stand ready to get the project done on time and within budget.  You donít need a permanent staff when you can use the business development of Corporate Rain Makers. We understand your need to reduce costs and are there with the ideas, the business knowledge and the tools to make it happen. 


Creativity...Insight...Talent...Passion...and a staff that truly knows no bounds when it comes to innovative thinking and programs that help you rise above your competition.  See why our professionals are different.  Then see the difference we can make for you.


Our staff includes experienced and talented marketing professionals, financial experts, sales professionals and trainers, public relations experts, journalists, graphic artists, event planners, fundraisers and HR specialists. From our top-level senior staff with decades of valuable experience in the industry, to our exceptional young professionals who bring a fresh eye to the business, you get it all with the Corporate Rain Makers. 


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